Rockdoor Composite Doors

Introducing Rockdoor
Protecting Britain’s homes for 20 years.

The Solidor Collection is an outstanding range of industry leading, solid laminate timber core composite doors that combine classical, modern or futuristic styling with a full range of locking, providing a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Series – The toughest, safest doors available
  • Elite Series – Secure budget range
  • Select Series – Simple and affordable with uncomplicated glass design
  • Burglar proof locks
  • Reinforcement & Thermal Efficiency
  • No Leaks. No Draughts. No Forced Entry
  • 3 Star Cylinder

Colour Range

Rockdoors are available in 13 different colours as shown. As Rockdoors are ‘made to order’ all colours shown are available inside & out. Please check colour swatch before ordering.

Available colors and materials

Anthracite Grey
Slate Grey
Light Oak
Irish Oak
Chartwell Green
Emerald Green
Ruby Red
Sapphire Blue

Material Information

All Rockdoors feature our unique S-Glaze technology. It means the glass is locked into your door for life. No leaks. No draughts. No threat of forced entry.

Because our Rockdoors have such a high-density core, it’s impossible to cut through them and they’re very energy efficient. That means peace of mind and lower heating bills.

With high impact 3mm uPVC skins, 50mm sash and high density Rockdoor core – Rockdoors can’t be cut through. Rockdoor core is 60% stronger than standard composite doors.

Thermally efficient

On the face of it, Formula 1 racing cars, orbiting satellites and fighter jets would seem to have little in common.

In fact they all rely on carbon fibre to guarantee that they’ll be able to withstand phenomenal force. No surprise then, that we chose it to reinforce your Ultimate Rockdoor.

Heat that’s lost through doors reinforced with wood or aluminium mean they can’t compete in the energy rating stakes with Rockdoors. Like your safety, your energy bills are in good hands.

Safety & Security

For 20 years we’ve been investing in the technology needed to build you the toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors available. Our locking systems and carbon fibre reinforced inner frames protect more than half a million UK homes.

Totally Hooked. Nearly 70% of burglaries involve forced entry through the front or back door. Our nickel-coated solid brass hook locks slide into steel keeps that run the full length of the outer frame. It means your Rockdoor can’t be forced open.

Downloads and guides

Rockdoor Composite Doors Brochure Download
Rockdoor Cosmopolitan Range Brochure Download

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