How we can help you succeed

Buying in your products from Martindales Trade Frames as opposed to fabricating your own may well make sound economic sense for you and your business.

Tough times call for unique solutions – talk to us about how buying from us can help make you unique. Call 03308 387 595

Buying in
Fabricating yourself

We know how tough it is out there. An increasingly competitive marketplace and spiralling overheads are just two of the seemingly endless number of factors that are making trading conditions as hard as they’ve ever been for a fabricator.

Increasing fuel &
power costs impacting
transport & premises

Increasingly demanding
legislative requirements
and standards

Diminishing demand
in an ever more
crowded market

Staff salaries &
welfare costs and

Fabricating Quality Products for over 30 years

Making the right choice

And if that’s not enough to cope with there’s the perennial challenge of managing the peaks & troughs of demand and managing your cost base – that one’s never easy, particularly if you are limited in how flexible your overheads can be.

But tough times don’t necessarily mean tough decisions, sometimes just unique solutions – ones that simply make sense and stack up. And having MTF fabricate and supply for you might just be one of those unique solutions.

Let us take the strain

Our true trade prices mean that it can often make sense to buy your window & door products from MTF and let us take the strain of the cost & commitment involved in running a manufacturing operation, so you can focus on supplying quality products to your customers and maintaining a profitable business.

And we guarantee that in making the move from fabricator to MTF customer, we will respect the ownership of your customer base. That’s yet another thing you don’t have to worry about.

Martindales Trade Frames are accredited for your peace of mind

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