Single & Double Glazed Units

Quality Single & Double Glazed Units designed & manufactured in the UK

  • No handling of glass during fabrication due to automated line production and robotic sealer therefor eliminating finger and hand prints.
  • Massive investment in the latest technology for double glazed unit fabrication including a fully automated FOREL line.
  • Units fabricated using a coil applied black Super Spacer Premium warm edge bar which eliminates corner joins as no joint keys are required.
  • Investment in an Argon press has eradicated the unsightly holes in spacer bar.
  • All glass is electronically scanned as a pre fabrication quality control to stop any glass with scratches or marks being manufactured.
  • In house toughening plant ensures nothing is outsourced.
  • In house artwork department for bevels, Georgian bar and leaded designs.
  • Matching black warm edge back to back spacer matrix ensuring astragal bar windows appear aesthetically as true separate units.
  • Guardian Clima energy saving low emissive glass as standard giving a possible centre pane u value of 1.2, can be upgraded to a possible centre pane value of 1.0.
  • Low iron glass option for outer pane to increase solar radiation (G Factor).
  • Existing capability to double production with promise of further investment to grow extensively if required.
  • Dedicated, long serving technical supportive staff.

ClimaGuard A+

Guardian offers a new improved ClimaGuard® A+, a thermal insulating glass meeting the highest performance and quality standards that is designed to exceed your expectations on transparency and solar heat gain. The new and improved Low E glass maintains the same thermal performance with an increased level of solar heat gain. Using ClimaGuard A+ should not only have a positive effect on your heating costs, it may also help improve levels of comfort in your home.

ClimaGuard® A+ is specifically designed to satisfy all national and local building regulations through out the UK and Ireland, achieving the highest window energy rating performance and U value compliance.

Product Description

By combining excellent thermal insulation with a high level of solar heat gain, ClimaGuard® A+ may help to reduce heating costs during winter months. Through the efficient utilisation of free solar energy, ClimaGuard® A+ allows solar heat to pass through the glazing which is then retained within the building by the low emissivity coated glass.

View our dedicated glass website for more information on our single and double glazed units.


ClimaGuard® A+ is a single product, soft coat Low E glass, which uses magnetron sputtered technology to produce a durable, processor friendly coated glass. The coating must be removed from the perimeter, via edge deletion before being manufactured into hermetically sealed insulated glass units. As a single product, ClimaGuard® A+ can be used either in its annealed form or it can be heat treated for use in safety glazing, which is a key requirement of Building Regulations.


EN410 – Light & heat, EN673 – U Value

Technical Data / Performance Table

Double Glazed
Outer Pane Cavity (mm)* Inner Pane Coated Glass Surface (#) Light Transmission Reflectance (Outside) Solar Heat Gain (g-value) Centre pane U-value
Extra Clear 16mm Argon ClimaGuard A+ (#3) 80% 13% 73% 1.2 W/(m2K)
Low Iron 16mm Argon ClimaGuard A+ (#3) 80% 13% 75% 1.2 W/(m2K)
Triple Glazed
Outer Pane Cavity (mm)* Middle Pane Coated Glass Surface (#) Cavity (mm)* Inner Pane Coated Glass Surface (#) Light Transmission Reflectance (Outside) Solar Heat Gain (g-value) Centre pane U-value
Extra Clear 16mm Argon ClimaGuard A+ (#3) 16mm Argon ClimaGuard A+ (#5) 70% 17% 63% 0.6 W/(m2K)
Extra Clear 12mm Krypton ClimaGuard A+ (#3) 12mm Krypton ClimaGuard A+ (#5) 70% 17% 63% 0.5 W/(m2K)

*Gas filling rate 90%
All performance data are nominal values and are subject to production tolerances

Super Spacer Premium

Super Spacer® Premium is a flexible, silicone foam spacer product that provides the maximum in perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies insulating glass (IG) production.

Basic Use

Super Spacer is a dual seal insulating glass spacer system that uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive for its structural seal and is backed with a proprietary multi-layer moisture vapour seal.

Featuring a vapour barrier backing, the spacer must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants. For a list of verified sealants, please reference IG sealants Technical Bulletin RD0018.


Super Spacer Premium is available in Grey, White and Black.


Silicone foam base with desiccant pre-fill.

Desiccant Fill

3A molecular-sieve; 47% minimum by weight.

Warm-Edge Silicone Foam Features & Benefits

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Substantially reduced perimeter condensation
  • Typical overall 0.2 W/m2K (0.04 BTU/h-ft2-°F) U-value window improvement (vs. aluminium)
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Extreme temperature performance
  • Fast dew-point drop
  • Superior compression-set resistance
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Enhanced sound dampening

Edge-Seal Durability

Continuous vapour barrier at corners
No chemical fogging
High desiccant content
Same spacer material and edge-seal technology as the proven Premium Plus product

Unique Dual-Seal Design

Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for enhanced gas retention
Inner structural acrylic side adhesive
Immediate unit handling
No cold flow or spacer/seal migration problems.

Improved Productivity

Fast application
Elimination of desiccant filling
No corner key assembly
Simplified production of shaped units
Limited equipment investment
High-volume production with reduced labour force.

Pleasing Aesthetic Appearance

Available in grey, white and black
Smooth matte surface finish
No surface blistering or bubbling
Straight-line application with sharp 90° corners.

Downloads and guides

ClimaGuard A+ Download
Super Spacer Premium Download

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